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Entity Filling: Corporation 

What is a Registered Process Agent? 

A corporation is an entity that is owned by its shareholders (owners). Corporations can be taxed 2 different ways. Let our company help you set up your own corporation by becoming your registration agent. For Corporation you will need: EIN, Corporate binder with Bylaws, Titles of Incorporation with Secretary of State, and Assign a Processing agent 

C corporation
Generally taxed on their income and the owners are taxed on these earnings when distributed as payments or when the shareholder sells stock


S corporation
Generally taxed on their income and shareholders are taxed on their share of the S corporation’s taxable income whether payments are distributed or not

A registered agent is a person who will receive legal and other documents on behalf of your business, such as subpoenas, regulatory and tax notices, and correspondence. All Corporations and LLC require a agent so any notice will be sent and delivered in a timely matter. 

In many states, lawsuits must be served in person. Registered agents make this a more clear and orderly process.

Your registered agent's name and address are publicly available, so outsiders know who to deliver papers to. And you can feel confident that there's just one contact point for any legal notices your business might receive.

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