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Driver Qualifications and Records for Audits

Driver Qualification File

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This Service includes keep records needed for Audits from FMCSA

Our Company can help you keep records for all your drivers along with any drug test, accident, logbooks and medical reports. With the Drive Qualification, you will get 24/7 MVR reports on your drivers driving and you will be the first to know if a ticket or accident happened. Let us maintain all your log books, records and test all in ONE location. Those records are needed for any Audit from DOT, let us help you keep all your document and files all in one place for a stress less Audit.

What is the Driver Qualification files?

A driver qualification file is a comprehensive file compiling the full historical employment, safety and certification history of each driver you employ. It’s required by the FMCSA to maintain operating authority. Even if you are an owner-operator (and thus the only employee of your company) you need to maintain a driver qualification file on yourself.

All driver qualification files for your trucking company need to be easily available if and when requested by an agent operating under the authority of the FMCSA, which itself operates under the authority of the Department of Transportation (DOT).

You need to maintain a driver qualification file for each year you employ a driver, and for three years following the end of their employment. When a driver has been with you for less than three years, you’ll need records from prior employers.

What should be in the Files?

Both new and established trucking companies need to maintain the following documents within each driver qualification file for every driver on payroll but not limited too:

  • An application of employment

  • Employee’s current and prior Motor Vehicle Record (MVR)

  • Records of violations, safety performance, etc.

  • Copies of licenses, training certificates, road tests, etc.

  • Medical report and certificate

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