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EPN- Employer Pull Notice

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EPN Service-FEES of $5 for 1 Driver Included


The Employer Pull Notice (EPN) provides businesses with a quick method of tracking the driving records of employees.

Employers who enroll in the EPN program receive what is known as a requester code. Once the requester code is obtained, it is then added to the Drivers License record of the employee. An electronic check will be made in order to see if a pull notice is on file with the driver. A driver record will be mailed to the employer if the action/activity.


Who needs to enroll in EPN?

If you claim a Corporation, LLC, or Partnership, and your motor company activity requires drivers to hold Commercial Driver’s License or you utilize a driver, or the vehicles are driven by individuals from your entity.

If you are an individual; who has 2 or more vehicles and the last one of your vehicles requires the driver to hold a Commercial Drivers License.

How can ENP help your company?

Upon Registration, the EPN program will automatically create a driving record for each employee. Employers will have full access to an employee’s driving record at any given time:

  • The employee receives a conviction in relation to traffic.

  • An employee does not appear in court.

  • An employee gets into an accident.

  • The employee has their license suspended or revoked.

  • Any other action against the employee’s driving privilege.

  • CSAT

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