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Entity Filling: LLC

A limited liability company (LLC) blends partnership and corporate structures. You can form an LLC to run a business or to hold assets. The owners of an LLC are members. LLCs protects its members against personal liabilities. We can become your Registered Agent, get your own EIN for taxes to start your business. For a LLC you will need: EIN, Articles of Organization, Initial Statement of Information and Registered Process Agent. 

An LLC will be either:

  • A disregarded entity (for federal purposes), if it has only one member

    • Single member limited liability company (SMLLC)

  • A partnership, if it has more than one owner

    • Limited liability partnership

    • Limited liability limited partnership

    • Series limited liability company

  • An LLC being taxed as a corporation

An LLC must have the same classification for both California and federal tax purposes.

Does an LLC need a registered agent? 

YES, You need a registered agent for an LLC, corporation, or other formal business entity. 

You must name a registered agent when you file business formation paperwork with your state. You must have a registered agent in every state where your company is registered to

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