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MC Number

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MC Number- FEES INCLUDED $300 Government fee and $65 Service fee


MC Number (previously known as an ICC) is specifically designed for identifying a carrier or company that:

  • Transports regulated items from another ownership or arranging their transport (for a fee or other compensation, in interstate commerce)

  • Transports Passengers in Interstate commerce. (for a fee or other compensation, albeit direct or indirect compensation)

In order for a carrier to operate within interstate traffic, they must have both an MC number and a USDOT number.

Along with the above numbers, there might be other authority numbers that you need to obtain in order to operate legally. Operating Authorities such as “MX” and “FF” are others that you may also need. This may depend on which operations you run and specific cargo that you carry.



Who needs a MC Number:

A motor carrier authority (MC number), also referred to as an operating authority or trucking authority, is a number assigned by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) to identify trucking companies that operate in interstate commerce. It is detrimental that you choose the correct authority that fits the needs of your business. The correct authority will help to ensure that your business runs legally and obtain the right type of insurance.

The exception to this is if you are:

  • a private carrier (you only haul your own cargo)

  • a for-hire carrier transporting only exempt commodities. (cargo that is not federally regulated)

  • operating within a federal “commercial zone” that is outside of interstate authority rules.

Types of Motor Carrier Authority:

  • Motor Carrier of Property (except Household Goods): An authorized for-hire Motor Carrier that transports regulated commodities (except household goods) for the general public in exchange for payment. Motor Carriers of Property (except Household Goods) must file proof of public liability (bodily injury and property damage) with FMCSA in order to obtain interstate Operating Authority. Cargo insurance is not required.

  • Motor Carrier of Household Goods OR Moving Companies: An authorized for-hire Motor Carrier that transports only household goods for the general public in exchange for payment. Household goods are personal items that will be used in a home. They include items shipped from a factory or store if purchased with the intent to use in a home, and transported at the request of the householder who pays for the transportation charges.

  • Motor Carriers of Household Goods must file proof of both public liability and cargo insurance with FMCSA in order to obtain interstate Operating Authority.

  • Motor Passenger Carrier Authority

  • Mexico-based Carriers for Motor Carrier Authority (MX number) to Operate Beyond U.S. Municipalities and Commercial Zones on the U.S.-Mexico Border.


MC Number Insurance:

In order to activate your MC Number you must file an application for an operating authority which is simply the beginning step when applying for an MC, FF or Broker Authority.

Next step after applying:

  • Insurance: Once you have received your MC number, you must immediately contact your insurance company. Your insurance agent will send your copy to FMCSA

  • BOC3- Needed if applying for MC #



Other Types of MC Numbers:

Broker Authority for MC - The Broker Authority license allows a company to schedule for-hire carriers to transport cargo belonging to a third party. They are the ones who transport cargo. When you apply for your registration you will receive your MC number.

Freight Broker-The Freight Broker negotiates deals and handles all paperwork. They have knowledge of registrations and contacts. A broker can usually be seen working from a small office.

Freight Forwarders- The Freight Forwarders are a person or entity which is a public transporter. Their objective is to transport property for compensation. The Freight Forwarder (FF) must provide assembling and consolidating, break-bulk and distribution operations of shipments. Is responsible for transportation from the place of pickup to the place of destination. Uses rail, motor, or water carrier within the jurisdiction of the FMCSA or the Surface Transportation Board.



Government fee are not refundable.

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