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Highway Used Tax-2290

Form 2290- Heavy Highway Used Tax

Store/One Time Permits/Licenses Service Fee/DOT Permits

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“Highway use tax” OR “Heavy vehicle use tax” This tax represents the required annual fee that you must pay if you operate vehicles with a registered gross weight equal or exceeding 55,000 pounds on public highways.


In order to determine the taxable gross weight of your vehicle, add:

  • The weight of your unloaded and fully equipped for a service vehicle.

  • The weight of an unloaded trailer or semi trailer that is fully equipped for service. These must be added to your vehicle transporting the trailer as well as the maximum load weight carried on the vehicle trailer

Why is it needed?


  1. All carrier over 55,000 pounds must submit proof of payment of Form 2290 when applying or renewing IRP Plates

  2. The Form 2290 paid receipt becomes your proof of tax payment for the vehicles listed. This proof of payment is required before you can register vehicles with a state’s motor vehicle office.

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