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Kentucky Weight Distance Permit- KYU

KYU Permit and New Account

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New KYU Permit and Online account for Fuel Filling

The Kentucky Weight Distance Tax permit (KYU) is calculated based on the miles that your vehicles travel through in the state of Kentucky. It is a requirement to obtain a one-time temporary KYU Permit or file the Kentucky Weight Distance if you operate a vehicle with a licensed weight greater than 59,999 pounds that operate through Kentucky. You can get a Temporary pass or KYU permit.

Who Needs a KYU?

An IFTA license must be filed in Kentucky if a motor carrier is based in Kentucky and operates one or more qualified motor vehicles in at least one other IFTA jurisdiction. It is required to obtain a trip permit through member jurisdictions for IFTA qualifying carriers that do not want to participate in the IFTA program, according to the regulations and fees of each member jurisdiction. If a carrier does not operate outside of Kentucky, then they will be issued a Kentucky Intrastate Tax (KIT) license.

File your Tax by:

  • April 30 (for the quarter January 1 through March 31)

  • July 31 (for the quarter April 1 through June 30)

  • October 31 (for the quarter July 1 through September 30)

  • January 31 ( for the quarter October 1 to December 31)

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