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Oregon Truck Permit 

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Oregon Permit and New Account

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Oregon Permit and New Account Setup

There is a requirement in Oregon that trucking companies and owner-operators obtain Oregon Truck Permits even if motor carriers have an IFTA license. The registration or Cab Card must be obtained by the truck driver. This permit is needed for any truck that are planning to operate in Oregon state lines. Also, trailers that are not registered, are required to obtain a permit. You can get a Temporary pass or a Oregon Permit.


The following are Oregon truck permits:

Heavy Motor Vehicle Trip Permit

Trip permits must be obtained PRIOR to operation. Motor carriers need this permit if:

  • The vehicle’s gross weight is over 26,000 pounds and/or has 3 axles.

  • The vehicle(s) does not have registration (expired or no plates).

  • Oregon does not appear on the registration cab card.

Temporary Pass

This permit is issued to motor carriers when:

  • Validate payment of the weight-mile tax is received upfront.

  • The combined gross weight of a truck, trailer, and load exceed 26,000 pounds.

File your Tax by:

  • April 30 (for the quarter January 1 through March 31)

  • July 31 (for the quarter April 1 through June 30)

  • October 31 (for the quarter July 1 through September 30)

January 31 ( for the quarter October 1 to December 31)

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